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Emily and Zach

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Zach: We met on Hinge, oddly enough since neither of us really wanted to use dating apps but somehow ended up using them anyways. I met Emily after coming back from deployment in Guam, and despite Charleston being second to last on my list of choices to go, I'm thankful every day that doing so led me to Emily.

We met right when lockdown started, which made the early days of dating much more interesting! Our go-to date was a 'car date,' where one of us would pick up take out and we would meet somewhere, then eat in our separate cars parked next to each other while talking on the phone. We'd then go and walk around and talk more, but it was a fun and unique way we got to spend the first several dates. It was also a fantastic way to experience the amazing food in Charleston and spend time learning about each other.

We also adopted a very cute, spoiled dog named Phoebe from a local shelter. She has been a large part of our life together and will be our flower girl (Petal pup!) at the wedding! With all the challenges and difficulties that life during the Pandemic has pushed on us, we have really helped each other in so many ways. We have been the support and kindness that each of us needed and I look forward to having her by my side for the rest of our lives.